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Initial hour phone consultation at no charge. Flexible hours. Weekends by appointment.

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Why Choose Advocate Law Office?

    Court proceedings are foreign to most people and can be intimidating. Your attorney should explain your options and the legal procedures in a clear and understandable manner to ensure that you are comfortable during this difficult and emotional process.  Your attorney must carefully evaluate the facts, circumstances, and applicable law of your case. Many lives are affected by the outcome of a divorce, adoption, paternity suit or other legal suit. In law, as with most things, knowing your options and resources is half the battle. Your attorney should guide your through the process.

    Sometimes a case is not likely to be successful, and you have a right to know that before paying lots of legal bills.  When the best choice is to avoid going to court; negotiation or mediation can frequently provide a more cost effective means to settling disputes than litigation.  Your attorney should avoid unnecessary court proceedings while protecting your rights, and should let you know when to use comprehensive agreements that can reduce the possibility of future disputes.

    Other times, litigation is the best alternative and your attorney should be experienced and aggressive in advocating your position. While litigation is expensive, your attorney should use efficient office practices and qualified legal assistants to keep your expenses down. You should expect to be kept updated on the status of your case. When cases require additional expertise, you should expect your attorney to work with or refer you to a specialist.

Client satisfaction is important to us and we are committed to serving you!

    We want to be your attorney! We will listen carefully to your concerns and will return phone calls promptly. You can depend on us to give you our honest opinion and the best representation. We will efficiently and effectively process your case, so that you can move forward with your life.

    We will help keep your fees down through efficient office practices.  We use qualified Legal Assistants where applicable, to give your legal matters thorough and timely attention.  We offer various payment plans including flat rates for routine services.  Our hourly rates are among the lowest in the Twin Cities area.

    Advocate Law Office has the experience you need whether its family, probate, business law or criminal defense.  Call us today for your free initial consultation!

Benefits of using Advocate Law Office

bulletExperienced representation.
bulletFree initial 1/2 hour  phone consultation at no charge.
bulletFlexible hours.  Weekend hours by appointment.
bulletE-mail for 24 hour contact.
bulletSmaller firm means lower fees.
bulletFlexible payment plans, including Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Itex, BXI. 

    I accept's PayPal. I'm VERIFIED!</A></p>

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Advocate Law Office practices in the following areas:


bulletChapter 7
bulletChapter 13 (Payback Plans)
bulletClient Bankruptcy Information Forms
bulletUnited States Bankruptcy Court, District of Minnesota

Business Law

bulletCommercial Lease Negotiations
bulletEmployer/Employee Agreements
bulletUnemployment Compensation
bulletConciliation Court Appeals

Criminal Defense

bulletCareless, Reckless Driving
bulletDriving After Revocation
bulletJuvenile Delinquency
bulletShop Lifting
bulletProbation Hearings
bulletDomestic Assault

Family Law

bulletPremarital and ante-nuptial agreements
bulletCohabitants rights
bulletName Change
bulletJuvenile law
bulletChild custody 
bulletFathers rights
bulletPaternity Support/Maintenance
bulletVisitation Rights
bulletgrandparents rights
bulletNon-related third party custody rights
bulletProperty Division
bulletSpousal interests in business (Find out what interests your spouse has before they affect your business.)
bulletDomestic Abuse Order for Protection Decree modifications

Probate & Estate Planning

bulletLiving Wills
bulletRevocable (Living) Trusts
bulletGuardian & Conservatorship
bulletDurable Power of Attorney
bulletNursing Home Planning

Federal and State Tax Liens





Daniel Wexler has practiced law since 1981 and focuses on the areas of family law and alternate dispute resolution.

Professional Associations:

Admitted as attorney and counselor in the Minnesota Supreme Court and the Federal District Court

Member of the Hennepin County, Minnesota State Bar Associations -- Section: Family Law and American Bar Association

How to contact Advocate Law Office:


(612) 825-8880


516 W. 53rd St. 
Minneapolis, MN  55419




(612) 825-0810


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For questions or comments contact Dan Wexler at (612) 825-8880

or E-mail: DanWexler

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